About Pat Café Bo Raan

At Pat Café Bo Raan, We serve breakfast and traditional Thai meals for you. Even though It’s easy cooking and familiar, some dishes are infrequent. Every menu is carefully cooked to serve you the rare traditional Thai meal. For example: “Khow Phra Ram Long Song” (rice and blended pork with peanut sauce and chinese spinach), “Khaw Pla To Maew” (rice with small mackerel), “Donk Kung” (deep fried bread with blended shrimp), “Kha Nom Chin Saw Nam” (Thai rice noodle with coconut milk and topping), “Khaw Chae Chaw Wang” (Thai rice in ice water serve with various side dishes), “Khaw Klug Ka Pi” (rice mixed with shrimp paste), “Mii Ka Ti Chaw Wang” (traditional style rice noodle with spicy coconut milk), “Miang Kaa Naa” (kale leaf-wrapped bite-size appetizer), “Yam Ta Krai Bi Cha Ploo” (spicy lemon grass and wildbetal leafbush salad), “Khaw Yam Naam Boo Doo” (southern Thai spicy rice salad with vegetables), “Taw Khau” (Thai rice noodle with assorted ingredients serve with sweet and sour gravy).


We preserved the original structures of a hundred year building and renovated in ‘Contemporary Thai’ style that’s harmonious with Bangkok’s old town cityscape. Serving Thai food at Steve café & Cuisine inspire Mr.Steve bring the ‘good old tase’ Thai meal for the new generations.